Discovering Big Data with Open Source

big data Technology

With all the media attention on big data and what part Hadoop plays in it, I thought that I would return to basics and blog about real-world Hadoop from a developer’s perspective. This is not about flume, falcon, impala, ambari, oozie, or sqoop. This is a story about a developer, a weekend, some data, and [...]

3 Ways to Customize Solr 4

search Technology

Lucene/Solr is a full featured search engine and it is rare to need to extend its search capabilities. If you do find yourself needing something not available in vanilla Solr, then functions, request handlers, and search components are three basic ways to extend Solr with your own custom Java code to handle special search requirements.

Ten things I learned while writing a Model Driven Software Development system for Google Closure

architecture Technology

If you are considering the development of a MDSD system, then avoid making some costly mistakes by learning these ten lessons that I learned when I wrote a MDSD system that generates web 2.0 apps based on Google Closure and XMPP. If you can keep it simple, keep it useful, provide an editor, provide importers, generate clean code, automate the entire build process, and decouple both GUI and data store, then you’ll have a really cool tool.

Top Ten Ways to Customize Tigase

real-time communications Technology

Tigase is a highly customizable XMPP server that provides an excellent, scalable platform for real-time communications that is easy to extend to meet your specific needs. There are over seventy different ways in which you can extend or enhance chat server functionality in Tigase but I am going to cover just the top ten here.