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Complex Event Processing

What are the best practice recommendations for complex event processing in environments with publishers in various platforms and Java as the main subscriber?

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Online Marketing

Create ideas on how to best advertise, promote, and generate traffic to a web site.

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Help us Define Cogenuity's Scope

We want Cogenuity to become a platform for problem solving where its public nature is part of the solution process. Of course if you are a company looking to solve an acute problem you may wish to use our private problem solving area but if you are up for a little experimentation put your problem out there and let the public have a say over what is the right solution.

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Smart Outsourcing

In this modern world of global competition and modular innovation, leading edge best-of-class companies seek new ways to gain competitive advantage on a budget by adopting the distributed work environment. How can we outsource more intelligently to reduce or mitigate the problems with outsourcing from the past?

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Sprint, the Cell Phone Carrior Who Couldn't

How a wanna-be cell phone carrier and the culture of no accountability lost my business.