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Delegation for the Rest of Us Glenn Engstrand 2009-09-09

We seek to transform the web from that of a time waster into a time saver. Our approach is to bring the work done on software agents out of academia and into the public arena. Developers could create agents as easily as they can Drupal modules. We believe that a healthy developer community to provide a rich and diverse variety of simple agents is a more effective approach than a tricky and overly complex middle-ware based on a semantic web or artificially intelligent framework.

What problems are you solving? Mike 2009-09-07

I read that you are trying to recieve feedback on an open source project that you are working on. You mentioned that the project is " like wordpress and drupal, heavily dependent on individual developers contributing extensions to a public repository." What problem(s) will this open source project be aiming to solve? I may be working on something(s) that can be solved using your open source software...

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Making Software Agents Mainstream

Glenn Engstrand 2009-09-05

Introducing KATO or Knowledge Agent Technology Ombudsman, an open source project dedicated to bringing the research work done on software agents into a more practical arena of service to the web surfing public.

Help us in our quest to more properly focus this promising technology. Voice your ideas on the following topics.

  1. Describe some agents that would be useful to you.
  2. Evaluate the demo and suggest how KATO could be better organized to make you more productive.
  3. Study the SDK and make suggestions on how to make it really easy to develop new agents that are relevant and non-trivial.
  4. Also, make enhancement requests to the framework that would greatly accelerate more effective agent development.


Project Web Site

Open Source Advocates Each open source project should have its own web site. This solution focuses on what kinds of content that the site for an open source project should contain and how that content is organized.

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Software Agents

KATO Coders What would you like to see as a cool agent for KATO? What kinds of work would you like to see done for you automatically? Here is a list of candidate software agents for the KATO platform. Help us brain storm up some great ideas.

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KATO Framework Redesign

KATO Coders Rewrite the KATO framework in order to make it easier for both developers to write agents and users to configure and use them.

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